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If you have a thing for Russian singles and you have been trying to find your Russian soulmate for quite a while, the RussianCupid com website might be exactly what you need. While many believe russian cupid scams are a thing, that is not entirely true considering there are over 1.5 million singles you can find on the website and many have found their love through the website. If you are curious to know more about, it is advised you read through our review and decide whether you want to give it a try or not.  


At first, it might seem as if russian cupid is a website designed only for the Russians, however, that is not the case. The website is designed to help you find the Russian of your dreams! There are many members who are from the United States and the numbers keep on going up. Many members from the United States are on the website looking for their Russian soulmate, and to be honest, there is a high chance they will eventually find it. The name of the website usually confuses people at first seeing it is named RussianCupid but no Russian men are advertised on the website at all, this does not mean Russian men do not use the website though. Most of the members are actually from Russia and the website is full of Russian women who are looking for that special someone.  

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If you have read through all you wanted to know in our RussianCupid Review, there is a high chance you are actually interested in making an account and becoming a member of the website yourself. The whole registration process takes just a couple of minutes and there are no personality tests you need to go through to be ready. The account creation will require you to fill out only five fields of information and after that, you are ready to use your russiancupid login and start your search.  


Unlike most dating websites, Russian cupid will allow you to send messages, however, you will want to send messages to members who already have a premium account, if you do not, they will not be able to read the message. Of course, if you are not able to afford the premium membership right away, that is fine too! You can send interests to people you find interesting and they will decide if you are worth talking to. Another thing worth mentioning is that this website does not do any criminal background checks, which means you should always be extremely careful about the information you give out and what are you actually talking about with some of the members. The safest thing you can do to ensure you are in no danger is actually talking to people who have verified profiles. People with verified profiles have proven their identity by providing their identification number (ID card). 


Sadly, russian cupid app is not available for iOS users but only Android users via Google Play Store. The application itself is designed decently and has the same features as the desktop version of the site. Of course, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone, that does not mean you cannot use the website. The website itself can always be accessed through your browser instead!  


If you want to give a try to after reading our russian cupid review, but you do not want to pay for a membership, you will not have all of the features the website offers, however, you will still be able to browse through the website, create a profile, look at pictures, send interest and message premium members. If you actually decide to pay for the premium membership you will unlock all of the great features the website offers such as unlimited communication, live chat, no advertisements, VIP profile, better search filters, and message translation.  


Interested in paying for premium membership but have no idea what are the prices? Here is how the pricing goes on russiancupid: 

  • Paying for one month of gold premium will cost you $34.99 
  • Paying for three months of the gold premium will cost you $69.98 
  • Paying for twelve months of the gold premium will cost you $139.99 
  • Paying for one month of platinum premium will cost you $39.99 
  • Paying for three months of the platinum premium will cost you $79.98 
  • Paying for twelve months of the platinum premium will cost you $159.99 


While paying for the premium membership might seem quite pricey, many users claim it is actually very worth it. Of course, knowing RussianCupid is a website meant to help you find Russian woman of your dreams, looking at the website is always a fun experience and paying for it might turn out to be a great choice if you really want a serious relationship with your Russian soulmate.