Cupid Themes Dating Sites

There are many dating websites out there that are based around the cupid theme. If you have been browsing the internet, you must have noticed various dating websites feature the word “cupid”. Cupid comes from classical mythology. Cupid is believed to be the god of erotic love, affection, desire, and attraction, so it is quite obvious why so many websites have decided to name their website after Cupid. Curious to know about the best cupid dating site? Continue reading! 

If you are into bbw and single, looking for new people to meet, bbw dating might be your perfect choice. Upon creating an account and using your bbwcupid login, you will notice that the website is designed so you easily find a match, it is an amazing and completely free cupid dating site. It does not matter if you are looking for a regular date or a long-term relationship, bbw cupid will surely provide you with it and it will do so in a very short amount of time. While the majority of females on bbwcupid are curvy, there are those who are average, lean-bodied females as well who are looking for big, handsome men. If you already have an account and you often use the bbwcupid login, you surely know that there are a few special features too, for example, you can translate messages in case your match does not speak your language, you can use the chatroom as well as provide all of the information you want via your profile. 

Who says you need to live in the US in order to successfully date online? Russiancupid is a Russian dating site designed to connect Russian singles looking for love and new people. features over 1.6 million singles and to make things even better, the website features many Russian women profiles you should take a look at! Of course, if you want to try out Russian dating through russiancupid, make sure you pay for a premium membership because unlimited messaging is a premium-only feature. While the website makes you believe you will get to see many Russian men advertised on it, that is not the case and the majority of the men found on the website are actually from the United States. 

If you are looking for the cupid-themed lesbian site in the sea of many lesbian dating sites, will surely bring a smile on your face. While pink cupid is mature lesbian site, there are women of all ages who are looking for someone new to meet. Whether you are looking for friendship, casual dates, or a serious relationship, pink cupid will be all you need. The website has a free chat room available to everyone and sending messages is 100% free, however, if you want to read messages from anyone, you will want to pay for a premium membership. 

While there are not many interracial cupid reviews on the internet, it is one of the websites you will want to give a try if you are looking for an interracial relationship. is a website designed to be extremely easy to use and to make it better, having an login will allow you to live chat and instant message other members of the website. Another great thing about interracialcupid is the fact that once you upload your picture and pass the verification process, you will be given 3 months of free subscription on the website! might sound like a website designed for exclusively military personnel and military dating, however, that is not the case. Upon finishing the registration process and using your military cupid login, you will notice that there are many civilians on the website, also many women who are looking for military singles men in the uniforms. The website itself is neatly designed and is very easy to use, which means you should have no issues finding your match. To make the website even more interesting, there are many features for everyone to use, favorites, photos, and an amazing search bar. Of course, if you pay for a membership, you will be allowed to send messages, comment on other member’s photos and even live chat without any ads at all!

There are many gay focused dating websites online, however, gay cupid is one of the rare free gay dating sites you should give a try. Gaycupid is a 100% gay website that was designed for gays looking for true love. While gaycupid might not seem like a gay personals site, it is certainly a great site that will provide you with all you need when in search for a perfect match. After creating an account and uploading a photo, you will be given 3 months of free Platinum membership, which is great because it means you will have completely unlimited access to all of the features such as sending messages, using the chat room, and so on. 

While there are a couple of christian dating sites out there, christiancupid is probably one of the safest ones. If you are looking to meet christians friends and you want to involve yourself in a real christian chat, christian cupid will not disappoint you. The website was designed for christian people and while the registration is 100% free, the membership is pretty pricey. The members of the website are mainly focused on finding their soulmate and serious commitment. Just like most websites, this one will provide you with messaging ability only if you subscribe.

Ok Cupid dating site has been around for quite a while and it seems to be rather popular nowadays. If you do not like the mindless swiping idea that stands behind online dating sites and applications, will be ideal for you. It was first introduced back in 2004. And it has been successful since then. The majority of the members of are between 25-35 years of age. The website is easy to use, it probably has the cutest login page of all as well, and of course, there are various other features you can find on the website.

Since we are talking about cupid dating site reviews, has to be mentioned. Knowing black cupid dating site is mainly populated with men (80%), it makes it the perfect website for women who look for a new partner. Most of the people found on are 30-45 years of age and will gladly get to meet someone who cares. Creating an account on black cupid is rather easy, the website is well designed and all of the accounts must be verified after uploading a picture/selfie. is a mexico dating website designed for all people who are looking for Mexican singles. Mexican cupid dating community is very active and with amazing searching filters, it is rather easy finding a perfect match. Join Mexican chat rooms, browse through mexicancupid profiles, and find someone you have always dreamed of. The website is well designed and provides its users with a variety of features such as favorites, friend requests, personalized matching, and unlimited messaging for its premium users. As one of the most popular mexican cupid singles sites, mexican cupid is certainly worth giving a try.  

Cupid – Dating App

If you are looking for a cupid dating app, Cupid – Dating App might be a great choice. Upon installing this lovely application, you will be able to meet local singles, make new friends and possibly even find that special someone if you are lucky enough. The app currently has over 8 million registered users and the number keeps on going up. You can flirt and chat with people all over the world and all of it is for free. Of course, there are also full membership plans that can be paid for in case you are interested.

While we are talking about cupid websites, we should most probably introduce you to asian cupid dating too! is a website that currently has over 2.5 million members worldwide. The majority of members on the website are Caucasian men and Asian women, while most paying members are as always, men. The current age distribution on the website ranges from 25 years of age up to 45 years of age. The website is easy to use and the registration process will take less than 4 minutes!

With over a million members worldwide, international cupid dating seems to be successful and features over 2,500 users worldwide on a daily basis. While the majority of users come from European countries and the United States, there are also those members who come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East too! The age of users ranges from an average of 35-55. The registration on the website is pretty straight forward and takes less than 3 minutes as well.